Bike Week Daytona 2004 Featured Motorcycle Gallery 10
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In the web site design business you meet many people. Some, you never want to talk to again and a few you have to keep in communication with just as "part of doing business". Then there are a select few that I have had the pleasure of meeting or talking with. baddog of Sex Pictures Pass is one of these few. These pictures are of various bikes that he has built himself and owned over the years. As you can see baddog has pretty much grown up as a rider. He competed in the first ever EasyRider's Motorcycle Rodeo, taking 3rd place in the barrel roll competition shown in the picture second from top left. baddog makes the 3,000 mile ride to Daytona from his home in California to be with us during Bike Week. He has several different internet businesses that he takes pride in and is almost always available for support issues.

He is a good person to know and talk with. Mike Odom - Webmaster


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